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author, and I leverage disruptive thinking to help companies accelerate business performance, gain market share and achieve sustainable growth.

About Me

Building on my rich entrepreneurial background, I authored the book "Valuepreneurs," offering a practical and systematic guide to transforming product ideas into reality through the Value-Driven Product Development (VDPD) process. This work encapsulates my dedication to providing a clear roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs, reflecting both my experience and a value-centric philosophy that is essential for modern product development success.

At Nasoni, I currently lead an expert team comprised of mechanical engineers, product developers, computer vision and machine learning PhDs, and researchers who are creating an automated sensor version of our fountain faucet that save a tremendous amount of water while benefiting those with chronic health conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, TBI, quadriplegics, and more. As a creative networker with a continuous learning mindset and a blend of strategic planning, precise execution, and tactical partnerships, I have helped organizations from different industries weather market challenges and emerge thriving by applying entrepreneurial thinking to accomplish challenging objectives.

The experiences acquired during my career have helped me prepare to succeed as an entrepreneur. Being an outgoing communicator committed to nurturing high-trust relationships and offering a "roll up the sleeves" work ethic and an anything is possible attitude, I am renowned as a passionate, out-of-the-box thinker and life-long learner who builds and inspires high-performing customer-focused teams while increasing client satisfaction and loyalty.

Myers Briggs


Want to get something done? As an ESTJ, I love rising to a challenge with enthusiasm, persistence, and confidence. I set high expectations and like taking responsibility for planning and making decisions. This has enabled me to achieve some incredible goals like those in the sample portfolio below.

People like Eric Schmitt (Google), Soichiro Honda (founder of Honda), Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell) were all ESTJ personality types.

Education & Certifications

Professional Skills

Leading Multi-Disciplinary Teams
Strategic Planning & Execution
Forming Strategic Alliances
Critical Thinking
Customer Satisfaction
Risk & Issue Management
Proposal Writing
Process Improvement
  • The basics
  • Advanced
  • Seasoned
  • Expert
Prototyping & Product Development
Continuous Learning
Empowering Teams
Sales & Negotiation
Business Strategy
Patent & Trademarking
Grants & Seed Funding
  • The basics
  • Advanced
  • Seasoned
  • Expert
Content Creation
Classroom Facilitation
Educational Materials
Instructional Design
Development Strategies
Professional Presentations
Training Needs Assessment
  • The basics
  • Advanced
  • Seasoned
  • Expert


Career Highlights

Clifton Strengths

Teams are partnerships. And if each person on the team knows what they're naturally great at, and what they struggle with, it can be used as a baseline to make the team even stronger, and ultimately, invaluable to achieving legendary success. Out of 34 assessed strengths, the following were deemed my most vital. Those who lead with Command are seen as courageous, persuasive, and decisive. Command is one of the rarest of the Clifton Strengths, so rare that it only shows up in the talent themes of less than 5% of people worldwide.

Jan 2024
Author, Valuepreneurs
Valuepreneurs Book

Steve Waddell, renowned for his entrepreneurial acumen, presents 'Valuepreneurs'. More than just a book, it's a transformative blueprint. Through a meticulously crafted 5-stage, 15-step Value-Driven Product Development (VDPD) journey, Steve imparts a legacy of wisdom, arming future entrepreneurs with the strategies and tools essential for turning visionary ideas into market-leading products.

Sub Label
SBIR Phase II Grant Winner
Nasoni SBIR Phase II Grant Win

Awarded $2,022,015 NIH SBIR Phase II Grant to Continue Development of Access H2O, Smart Sensor Fountain Faucet

SBIR Phase I Grant Winner
Secured $259,015 SBIR Phase I Grant from National Institutes of Health (NIH), which has a nationwide applicant reward rate of only 13%.
Granted Patents and Trademarks

Devised high-impact intellectual property (IP) strategy. Upheld 75%+ patent award rate, securing 10 patents and trademarks in the United States and China, including rarely issued animated motion mark issued by USPTO. Additional patents currently pending.

Award-Winning Product Development
Pushed the envelope to create a unique faucet with superior design/functionality that uses only a fraction of the water of modern, conventional faucets.
Award-Winning Proposals
Next-level business development. Doubled corporate revenue by landing $4.2M contract with the Naval Research Laboratory and opened a new office in Washington, DC. Built a new 6-member team and negotiated office lease.
Game-Changing, Global-Selling Training Aids
Generated $10K+/month after creating Success Sheets, a line of certification training aids sold on Amazon worldwide.
Large-Scale Process Improvement

Lowered costs by $2m+ and realized significant performance improvements after challenging corporate consensus, moving engineering past the fear of risk in drastically changing aircraft carrier window design.

Industry Best Practice Process Development
Received critical acclaim enterprise-wide for developing the company’s risk management process, recognized as industry best practice. Worked with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to teach the process to hundreds of NNS/Navy leaders/engineers.








“Almost everything we must do has been done before, somewhere. Let’s find out who did it best, study what they did, and then do it better.”

Leading Virtual Teams

Over the last 4 years, I have led/collaborated with high-performing teams of freelancers from more than 40 countries, as well as US based teams, to achieve truly incredible goals. Leveraging virtual teams enabled the ability to bring together some of the very best experts in the field, regardless of where they live.

My Personal Values


It’s a proven fact that good attitudes result in better performance, at work and in life. I look for teammates that have great attitudes.


Hard work pushes us one step ahead in life and helps us surpass our limitations.


Teams that have fun build trust, strengthen communication, and gives us the subconscious clarity that we share values and ideas.

What is a Motion Mark?

The contemporary market is innovating new products with sensory and unique experiences to leave a mark on customers and develop a distinct and novel reputation. When I developed a new moving logo for Nasoni, I investigated how best to protect it. That's when I discovered motion marks. A motion mark refers to a moving logo used by a company as a creative and innovative marketing approach to attract customers to its business offerings. Motion marks broaden the scope of trademark protection and increase brand value.

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Steve Waddell

Thanks for stopping by. I am on LinkedIn to strengthen business relations and make new connections. I enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals, current and past colleagues, customers, and people making a difference in the world.